Thursday, 21 October 2010

How To Heat Emboss A Digi Stamp

Following my post yesterday of the heat embossed Little Nut Tree pictured above, I received a few comments and a couple of emails asking how I'd embossed the digi image. So I'll try my best to explain in easy steps, it's really simple if you organise yourself!

1. Gather all your equipment (heat tool, embossing powder, a powder collection tray (you will need this as you need to work fast) and glossy cardstock (you can use photo paper, but be warned it will bubble easily).

2. Move everything next to the printer, and have your heat gun plugged in and ready to go.

3. Choose your image, do whatever you do with it and then adjust the printer settings to photo and glossy paper.

4. Hit the print button.

5. As soon as your image appears, remove it from the printer and immediately cover with powder (you need to be superfast at this point otherwise the ink will be too dry).

6. Gently discard excess powder and then use the heat gun.

7. You should by now have your beautifully embossed image.

I hope this helped some of you. If anyone else has any hints or tips for heat embossing digis, especially on non glossy papers, then please do share. x


  1. Aha! Simple when you think of it!! Many thanks hun - will have to try it soon.
    Teri xx

  2. Thanks for this great tip, will give it a go this weekend!

    Keryn x

  3. I think I might be to clumsy for this - could be a job for OH :) Jaqui x


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