Saturday, 31 December 2016

Old turns to new.....

Well that's another year virtually done and dusted! I hope 2016 has been kind to you, I know for many it has been a really tough and testing year. For me personally, I thought it hadn't been a great year, but upon reviewing my blog, social media and a few other things I've come to the conclusion that despite a few trials and set backs, it's actually been a pretty good year. I'm grateful for the all the positive moments that 2016 has delivered.

I've decided that no matter what the incoming year holds for me I will try and focus on the good things. The stuff that makes me and those around me happy. I've also decided to focus upon a word for 2017 that will be my inspiration and motivator - that word is KINDNESS. 

Kindness costs nothing, makes both the giver and receiver of it happy and if there was more of it, the world would be a far better place. I'm determined to do something kind every single day, whether it be simply paying someone a compliment after all, who doesn't like to be told they look nice or that you love their sweater/dress/hair? To donating to a deserving cause or leaving random gift somewhere to brighten a persons day. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for visiting my blog and taking the time read, comment and share in my creativity. I hope 2017 brings you all good health and happiness.

Claire x

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  1. Ever so true Claire, such a inspiring post to read and yes kindness costs nothing. Think there should be more kindness in the world. Hugs xx


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