Monday, 21 March 2011

CSN Review

As some of you may recall I decided to be a little selfish with my last CSN giveaway and opted to do a review instead. I know that it seems an absolute age ago and you'd probably thought I'd forgotten!! Well I hadn't forgotten, it just took me a very long time to be able to choose and receive my product!

I decided that I needed a new food processor, the main reason being that my old one blew up. Also, I've started back on Slimming World and have developed an obsession with homemade coleslaw which is almost impossible for me to make by hand! So a new food processor for me it was!

I didn't want to spend a huge amount on a food processor as it's not a make or break piece of equipment, so I settled on this one. The only problem was it was out of stock for weeks (as were most of the other machines in this price range), so I decided to trial their "email me when back in stock" system. I have to say it worked fantastically well and I ordered my food processor. I was given an expected delivery date of 23/3, but actually received the item on 21/3 (a total of ten days from point of order to receipt, not the fastest delivery time, but by no means the slowest). I received numerous emails updating me on my order status, which is not only helpful, but also reassuring!

I unpacked my new toy and after a quick wash of the bowls and blades decided to use it to shred, grate and slice carrots, cabbage and onions for my coleslaw. It performed the job perfectly. I have yet to try the blender attachment so can't comment on this.

My only criticisms of CSN would be the lack of stock and slowish delivery time. Had I needed this item urgently then I would've been forced to approach another supplier. I had no worries over the price as they offer a price matching service and a quick look around showed only one retailer who was cheaper, but had no stock!

Would I use them again - yep, as long as I wasn't in a hurry and I would definitely take advantage of their price matching option.


  1. Lovely food processor Claire. You are going to have to make lots of Coleslaw now!!!

  2. oh have fun with your food processor hun,you will be able to make lots of coleslaw with this ,hugs cheryl xxxx

  3. Good luck with the processor!! Hope the diet is going well! Love Chanelle xx

  4. I found the same with my prize winnings. My Ready Steady Cook stuff arrived really quickly but my cheese grater took an age as was out of stock. But had loads of emails keeping me updated and when it did come it came in a gigantic box and I have to say - if you can be super impressed with a grater I am indeedy with this one - it's flipping lethal!

  5. Hello! Now all I need is the coleslaw recipe and some will power. How's the diet going? Well, I hope x

  6. Claire, I've left you a little pressie on my blog. Jaqui x


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