Thursday, 14 January 2010

Well I seem to be doomed on the crafting front at the moment :0(

Last week I had the kids and DH at home due to the snow which meant that there was very little "me time". We ended up making some temporary creations in the form of snowmen, so I took a few pictures. I'm hoping that I will be able to use these for some projects next Christmas.

Last night I decided that I would make a start on one of the boxes I bought last week. Removed the little wooden stars, went to sand the box only to discover that I had no ultra-fine paper left. Determined to not be defeated I decided to make a exploding box for Easter. However, that was not to be as we had a massive powercut which lasted for approximately 4 hours!

Today, I thought that I would finish the exploding box and guess what? Another powercut which has lasted for just over 5 hours - grrrr. I'm hoping that now the powers back and the house has warmed up that I can return to my project without interuption.

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