Friday, 10 June 2011

Wot no crafting!

Good morning folks. Have you missed me this week? Well if you have noticed that I've been super quiet all week there's a very good reason for it... My DS went off to camp on Wednesday morning and is set to return today. In his absence I decided that I re-decorate his room, so I've been trying to do a complete makeover within 48 hours. It's going well, but sadly I won't be finished, so I've had to call in the grandparents who are going to take him for a treat filled weekend so that I can get finished and surprise him. The only thing that will be possibly be missing from his new room is the new furniture (but I'm sure he'll not mind as he wasn't expecting his room to be decorated, and certainly won't be expecting new furniture as well).

As a result of my adventures in "paintland", there's been no crafting which means that this week there's no Delicious Doodles challenge card from me. I hope that you'll still join us as this weeks challenge is sponsored by Crafts 4 Eternity and the theme is a super easy one  "Father's Day".

Well that's it for me today - I have more painting to do and then I've got to get the sewing machine out to make some curtains and cushions.

Have a fab weekend.

Claire xx


  1. Hope you have been having fun with loads of paint! Really must sort my kitchen out. . .

  2. What a lovely thing to do, surprising your son, 'Changing Room' style. Will be great to see his face! x

  3. Hi sweetie def missed ya hun but a fab reason not to craft I'm sure he will absolutely love it. I've got my sons to decorate....& my daughters to finish I'm still waiting on the furniture for their bedrooms its been 3 weeks now & its doin me heed in.
    Bet he loves his new room hun.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  4. What an awesome mom you are!

  5. What a challenge you set yourself. Cards will seem easy after that! Oh..... & I have a few rooms that need a makeover........LOL xx

  6. It sertainly seems that you are the perfect mom. You go girl!!

    Btw- i am sooo happy to be om the same DT as you crafty girl.

    Hugs Renate

  7. Wow you have been busy chick!!! Nice surprise when your DS gets home (so long as you haven't put flowery wallpaper up of course!!!!)

  8. I hope he loves it!

    save all your crafting stampy power for next week!! (lots to do on Wednesday!)

    Jo x

  9. I'm sure he'll love it! Waiting anxiously for you to get your arse back here and show us more talented works. ;)


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