Sunday, 14 November 2010

OK guys I need some help urgently!!

It's my Grandparents 69th Wedding Anniversary on Friday and I'm struggling to come up with anything. I've googled my finger tips off and still can't find anything to do...... I wanted to do something really special for them, but that won't cost the earth - any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Claire x


  1. How about... scrapbook of their life; alter a photo frame and add a pic of them; jar of quotes about love, life etc; buy a rose for the garden; name a tree in their name; bake a cake; do you live nearby, how about making afternoon tea and taking it round - dainty sandwiches, scones and jam etc; make a CD of songs they love... any good?

  2. I saw something beautiful recently - hang on - back in a mo with a link!

    Check them out - sure you could play around with the concept in some way! If you look, the butterflies are cut from photos of the people, with their names on other photos etc


  3. What about a posh afternoon tea in a hotel??? Lots of them do just that & it would probably suit them rather than a big meal!!!I'm sure whatever you do for them they will be delighted!!!
    Dawn xxx


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